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Following are some helpful resources about ritual abuse, mind control, and organized abuse. The list includes news reports, academic and clinical research, documentaries, first-hand reports by survivors, and reliable websites. (Links to online resources will open in a new window.)


The views expressed in these resources and external sites are the views of their respective authors or the authors they publish, and do not necessarily reflect the understanding and views of Eileen Aveni or


                                          Books and Articles



                                   Additional Resource Websites


AlAqeel, B.; Margolese, H. C. (2012) “Remission in Schizophrenia: Critical and Systematic Review” Harvard Review of Psychiatry: December 10, 2012 - Volume 20 - Issue 6 - p 281-297

Aveni, E. (2017) The Complexities of Identifying Ritual Abuse and Mind Control in Your Client. (Available online at Complexities of Identifying)

Aveni, E. (2018) “How to Decrease In-Fighting and Increase Respect for The Gifts of All Internal Parts.” (Available online at Decrease In-Fighting)

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(Download PDF by clicking:

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  • PART I, Keller and Dance (Sep 29, 2019): “The Internet is Overrun with Images of Child Sexual Abuse. What Went Wrong?” (Available online at Exploited Part 1)

  • PART 2, Keller and Dance (Nov 9, 2019): “Child Abusers Run Rampant as Tech Companies Look the Other Way” (Available online at Exploited Part 2)

  • PART 3, Bowles and Keller (Dec 7, 2019): “Video Games and Online Chats are ‘Hunting Grounds’ for Sexual Predators” (Available online at Exploited Part 3)

  • PART 4, Dance (Dec 23, 2019) “Fighting the Good Fight Against Online Child Sexual Abuse” (Available online at Exploited Part 4)

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(Available online at


Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich. (2020) Dir. Lisa Bryant. RadicalMedia, James Patterson Entertainment, Third Eye Motion Picture Company. Film. Four-part documentary series detailing the history of the international trafficking ring run by Jeffrey Epstein.

Operation Touissant. (2018) Dir. Nick Nanton, Ramy Romany. Perf. Tim Ballard, Anthony Robbins, Glenn Beck.  DNA Films. Film. Documentary following a rescue mission performed by former Homeland Security Special Agent Tim Ballard’s child slavery rescue group, Operation Underground Railroad.


International Justice Mission. Global organization that partners with local authorities in 14 countries to combat trafficking and slavery, violence against women and children, and police abuse of power.

International Society for the Study of Trauma and Dissociation (ISSTD). The world’s premiere professional organization devoted to the study of trauma and extreme abuse.

Ivory Garden. Organization offering support for survivors struggling with symptoms of trauma, such as PTSD and DID.

Operation Underground Railroad (O.U.R.). Former Homeland Security Special Agent Tim Ballard’s child slavery rescue group, Operation Underground Railroad. 

Persons Against Non-State Torture. Jeanne Sarson's and Linda MacDonald’s organization exposing and fighting ritual abuse networks throughout Canada. 

Ritual Abuse Information Network and Support (RAINS). An information service offering support, information and advice to male and female survivors of ritual abuse. Contact email address:

Ritual Abuse Network Scotland (RANS). An organization dedicated to supporting survivors and increasing awareness of ritual abuse with policy makers, statutory bodies and other organizations and agencies.

Justice Defense Fund. American anti-sex-trafficking activist Laila Mickelwait’s organization exposing the online porn site Pornhub’s profiteering from trafficking. (see also


Collection of writings by former Illuminati mind control programmer Svali. Website whose goal is to publicize “accurate and scientific information on child abuse issues…backed by journal articles and reputable sources…in an easy to read format.” Relevant pages include:

  CIA documentation of U.S. government Mk‑Ultra mind control experimentation made available through the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). American ritual abuse and child sadistic abuse expert Dr. Ellen Lacter’s “End Ritual Abuse” website, an extensive compendium of information on extreme and ritual abuse.  2007 “Extreme Abuse Survey” by Becker, Th., Karriker, W., Overkamp, B., & Rutz, C. Canada Department of Justice trauma information website (see article referenced in BOOKS AND ARTICLES list, above, under “Canada Department of Justice”).  Australian criminologist Dr. Michael Salter’s “Organized Abuse” website.  American ritual abuse and extreme trauma expert Eileen Aveni’s website for survivors and therapists.  American extreme abuse expert Jean Riseman's “Ritual Abuse, Ritual Crime, and Healing” website, providing Information and resources for survivors, therapists, and others.  American ritual abuse expert Neil Brick’s “Stop Mind Control and Ritual Abuse Today (SMART)” website, an extensive compendium of information about ritual abuse as well as fact sheets about The Satanic Temple, The Grey Faction, and its representatives. Towson University’s (Towson, MD, USA) website based in their world-class trauma study program.

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