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The Full Story

How to Decrease Internal System In-Fighting & Increase Respect for the Gifts of All Internal Parts

by Eileen Aveni, LMSW, LCSW, ACSW, BCD
© 2018

DISCLAIMER: This document is not intended to be diagnostic or therapeutic.

Why does Dissociative Identity (DID) happen?


  • Too much trauma done to a totally normal child.

  • Too early before approximately age 5.

  • Done too many ways so that it’s unpredictable.


The Result


  • The mind automatically compartmentalizes the trauma, splits it up.

  • But ritual abusers also intentionally split the mind.

  • Why? So they can place mind control in the child, to be used later for their own malevolent purposes. This is evil. But every survivor can recover from this evil abuse with the right kind of help.


What Is the Ultimate Goal of this Talk?


  • The less you respond to their call-backs, the less they try. It’s that simple.

  • Even if you don’t get accessed anymore, your internal system thinks you will. It’s been groomed to believe this. The entire internal system needs to be educated on how to resist or learn that you are not in danger anymore.

  • You say (or your system says) impossible! Doesn’t matter how much we resist. They will never let us leave. It is possible.

  • I have seen many get healed, not respond anymore, and the abusers finally gave up.

  • And if you’re not getting accessed anymore, internal systems have learned to work together and heal.


The ANP – “The Apparently Normal Person” – You!


The ANP (You! Or the front person) needs to come to grips with the reality of this trauma. It’s a trauma in itself to suddenly realize that you have this in your background. Right?

You’re in denial. You want to pretend this isn’t happening.



  • Your internal parts have been holding this information all your life. They are exhausted!

  • They need to share what happened, but they are in incredible conflict inside.

  • If they tell you or anyone else about what happened, your parts believe they will be killed, harmed, or someone else will be killed or harmed.

  • They need you to help them.

  • And you need them to help you.


Memories or Mind Control Removal


This process of helping does not involve learning about your memories – not right now.

Think of memory work as a much later chapter of the book. Mind control removal is the first task.


What is mind control?


  • Mind control is a technique used by the abusers to make sure you never talk (or they might be sent to prison!) and to make sure you work for them in whatever jobs they have groomed you for.

  • It is many ways of conditioning a survivor to be controlled by others.

  • As every part learns the truth of what was done and how to break free, it automatically breaks down the mind control.

  • Once mind control is removed, everyone inside can safely remember, finally process memories, recover and help you recover.


So Remove Mind Control First…


  • Mind control seems evil.

  • Mind control is sadistic and evil.

  • But mind controllers are the ones who are evil, not you. You are a nice person. Just got mixed up with the wrong people. But now you are catching on!


When Will I Get My Memories Back?


Later you will get some memories back, enough to understand what happened and how you victoriously survived, enough to maybe help others. But you don’t have to remember everything.


The Major Mind Control Groups


  • Generational Satanism

  • Technology-based mind control (military, government, etc.)

  • The Fourth Reich

  • Monarch/MkUltra

  • Death and domination cults (witchcraft, etc., based on ancient deities)

  • Others


How Are These Groups Different?


  • Different methods.

  • Some ritual abuse groups use several different methods – because they can.

  • Some abusing group leaders or perpetrators are looking for spiritual power.

  • Other leaders or perpetrators want to produce a flawlessly programmed victim to be used – without being caught.


But No Survivor Can Ever Be Flawlessly Programmed


  • We are human.

  • The most inner part of us is made in the image of God and can never be touched or controlled, no matter how much they tried.

  • I am not a survivor. But every time someone allows me learn about that innermost part of themselves, it is always alive, protected, and waiting to be freed.

  • The abuser group was never able to touch that innermost, beautiful part of the person.


Every Ritual Abuse System Has a Hierarchy of Parts.


  • In deliberately created internal systems, there are many places where parts are hidden, each with its own hierarchy of parts.

  • Those parts who control or watch over that section of the system live at the top of that hierarchy.

    • Those who control exist in places hidden under mind control.

    • Often these places are called the control room or control tower or master room. But control rooms can be underneath places too. We need to find which parts are in charge.

  • All places inside are connected to each other by various means so that they can be controlled and manipulated by the perpetrators. [Vortexes, elevators]


What Are These Internal Systems Called? What Do They Look Like?


Section names (places) could include: dungeons, tunnels, robots rooms, drugged kids, training rooms, starving kids, library, breeders, animal parts, the pit, many basement levels, places above the ground level, places where copies of the perpetrators live, alphas, and others. [Castles, forests, assorted buildings]

There can also be: geometric structures, spider webs, mirrors, upside down pyramids, triangles, prisms, codes, numbered areas, grids, and other designs.


Breathe! How do I know these things?

Because so many survivors have taught me about what it is like inside. They wanted help. So this is not new. Survivors all over the world are talking now. The secrets are out!

And survivors are not only surviving. They are thriving! You need to get this message to your insiders!




  • Almost all levels or hierarchies have kids: some older, some younger. And some may be adults. The top level part(s) of each hierarchy usually live in the shadows.

  • These parts are key to removing the mind control. They know a lot about the system, how it was designed. Middle-management parts live under them. These parts think they have power, but they are constantly squeezed between satisfying the top level and controlling the bottom levels.

  • Younger children, babies, or worker bees live at the bottom. They are completely controlled by everyone above them. They also require the most work because they are so needy.

  • Often upper-level parts are exhausted with trying to help everyone below, trying to keep everyone in line.

  • Upper-level parts do want to help them, but they can’t ever be obvious in showing their real heart for these lower parts. Instead, they just get exasperated with them.

  • Sometimes the lower parts are stuck in dungeons, kids, etc., and require helpers to watch over them.


Parts in the Unconscious Mind


  • Parts exist in the unconscious mind, below the conscious mind.

  • The unconscious mind is usually buried deeply below the lowest levels in the hierarchy.

  • These parts were created and programmed by driving messages deep into the unconscious mind. They are supposedly only accessed by certain cues from the perpetrator.

  • Parts in the unconscious mind are usually clueless, flash-frozen in time.

  • But as they start to surface and heal, they will be very disoriented, lost as to where they are and who you are. But they can adjust very well later on.


All Upper-level Parts Want to Help – Even if  They Act Like They Don’t.


  • But all upper-level parts feel stuck doing their jobs. Most secretly believe it is hopeless to ever get out.

  • Most every part, up and down the system, has been brainwashed to believe they are inherently bad, most especially the upper-level parts.

  • The upper parts didn’t choose their jobs. They never would have chosen to do it. All they wanted to do was help. That’s their real heart. To help.


How Did Upper Parts Get Stuck in Their Jobs?


  • The abusing groups create double binds. “You can choose this or choose that.” But neither choice is a good one. So parts inevitably have to choose to do bad things.

  • The abusing group leaders make sure to tell them that they chose to do it. Remember the upper parts didn’t choose to do anything bad.

  • They never would have chosen to do anything bad. All they wanted to do was help. That’s their real heart. To help. The abusing group leaders are the ones who thought it up, and those abusing group leaders are the guilty ones.


Breathe. Remember:

Survivors all over the world are talking now. The secrets are out! And survivors are not only surviving. They are thriving!

You need to get this message to your insiders, even those all the way back in the unconscious mind.


The Upper-level Parts Need Compassion


  • The upper-level parts were hurt and traumatized the most.

  • They stood in front in many situations and pushed other insiders behind them or out of the way to protect them. These upper-level parts took the brunt of the abuse.

  • The upper parts just wanted to help others.

  • Parts below them usually hate them because they are bossy.

  • As these upper-level parts for the most pain, they were given more authority. But it was a trick on them too. They don’t really have authority. They are controlled too.

  • They are usually crusty, belligerent, and mean.

  • You must approach them with compassion and thank them for helping in the ways they felt they needed to.


Upper-level Parts – Key to Recovery


  • The upper parts are the critical group to help you recover. Help these parts to decide to move toward freedom. If they do, the upper-level parts can take their entire respective system with them.

  • In this way, they can relearn how to really help everyone they are responsible for.

  • Instead of being hated by the system, the upper-level parts could turn out to be the heroes of the system. These parts are very entrenched in their jobs, so you must be patient and teach them the truth.

  • They were told lies and made to think that they were the bad ones.


Telling the Truth to Upper Parts


  • The abusers put them in charge.

  • But that is also a lie. They don’t really have any power. Abusers said that they must do their job – even if they hate it.


How Can the Upper-level Parts Help You?


  • These parts know much about the system, so you want to befriend them.

  • Ask them to help you and the others. There are probably parts who need help inside. They might be sick or even look dead. You want to reach these parts to help them.

  • Could upper-level parts help you? Help them empathize. They thought they had no compassion anymore. All of this is risky for these parts.

  • Appreciate them listening and considering what you are saying. Tell them they can get out and they can help everyone else get out.


Jobs Given to Parts:


  • Helpers/front parts Reporters.

  • Suicide/self-harm parts Punishers Recorders/Observers.

  • Gatekeepers/switch controllers Introjects.

  • File keepers Returners/Call-back parts.


Parts Connected to Each Other


  • Parts or groups of parts can be connected to each other to reinforce their jobs. Therefore, they will often resist having the programming removed.

  • Lots of pushback dialogues with parts.


Ask the System for a Map to Guide You to Parts. General Dialogue with Parts – Some Maps Please?


  • Where do you live inside? Can some of you do me a favor? I’m just asking. I need your help. All of you helped me stay alive and I can never thank you enough. But I am a grown up now. So I would like to help you now. I would like to know how things were constructed inside so I can know where you live so I can help all of you get free.

  • Yes, you can be free now. It is [year]. I am now [age]. I have a job and make money. I have [number] of children who are ages [ages]. [Give them a brief tour of your life now.] So you don’t have to do the things you used to do for me. I am all grown up. You can do nice things now. Nobody will force you to do anything anymore.

  • So – would some of you be able to draw me a picture of how things are constructed inside? It will probably require several of you coming together to help because none of you may know how the whole system is constructed. Would you be willing to help me?


Helper/Front Parts


Often these parts are already out and help the system navigate life. How to dialogue with helper/front parts:

  • Appreciate how important their child is to keeping the system safe. Tell them where the perpetrators lied about this job.

  • Offer to help because the job of keeping everyone safe is huge, and you want to. Listen carefully regarding the system.


Sample Dialogue: Helper/front Parts


Again- often these parts are already out and help the system every day.


  • I know you know a lot about how things work inside. And I can imagine that you have a big job on your hands. Thank you for being so willing to help all of us. I really appreciate everything you do.

  • I am much better able to help you now [you can now help the helper] because I am a grown up now. I really need to know how things work inside. You’ve been trying to manage keeping us safe. What a big job! I know that some inside don’t know that they were lied to by the perpetrators. Can you begin to get messages to them that it was all a lie, how they did the lies, what really happened, because we need all of them to be on the same page, to work together so we can get free. All of us can get free.


Reporter Parts


  • How did the abusers know things?

  • It wasn’t magic. They trained some unsuspecting parts inside to report back to them. That’s evil. Nasty. So the abusers didn’t know everything like they said! They lied. They got kids to report back to them.


Reporters are usually hidden from everyone, often in the unconscious mind. No one inside usually knows where they are.

  • But you must reach them first and help them understand that the jobs they had aren’t needed anymore. Their job puts the entire system in danger by reporting back to the group.


How to Dialogue with Reporter Parts


  • Ask to speak with them. Tell them to stop reporting.

  • Help them understand that reporting back means that the abusers will abuse again. They can help us instead of the abusers!


Reaching the Reporters: Sample Dialogue


  • Can someone help me get a message to the reporters deep down where they live? It may require flicking on loudspeakers, tunneling through walls, finding safe routes to get there, etc. But I need to speak to them.


Once found:


  • Hello reporters. Do you know where you are? [Assume they are clueless and know nothing about the body or your life now, so give them a tour. They also have no idea that their job is a bad one. They think it’s good.] Thank you for coming and most of all thank you for always trying to help me. I know it’s been your job to tell the group everything because they always wanted information about us. But did you know that you don’t have to do that job anymore?

  • Did you know that every time they found out about us, they try to hurt us? I know you didn’t know that. And I’m not blaming you at all. They lied to you and told you that your job was a good one. So, of course you wanted to do a good job. I’m sorry they lied to you. Would you like to do a different job now? Instead of reporting back to the group (mommy, or so-and-so, etc.) You can report back to me, and to the leaders inside. Who would like to get these reports now?


Ask the leaders who will get these reports. Then thank them. Ask these leaders to guard these reports.


  • Would you like to stay around here now? Maybe you would like to peak a little to learn about our life now. It’s very different than when we were little and the bad people hurt us. We would love to have you around.


Suicidal/Self-harm Parts


  • These parts are often in several different systems at the same time.

  • You will need to ask for help from the system to find them.

  • Others may have bound or locked them up so they don’t do harm.

  • But they still want to do harm anyway.

  • These parts are cued by the abusers if someone is getting too far in their healing.


How to Dialogue with Suicidal/Self-harm Parts:


  • Thank them for hearing you.

  • Tell them the truth about the abusers’ lies. Affirm that they are good kids/adults.

  • They are often under guard because many insiders do not want to hurt the body.


Suicidal/Self-harm Parts: Sample Dialogue


  • Thank the suicidal/self-harm parts for coming near to hear you.

  • Then talk to them about the lies, how they were tricked to do bad things, that they were trained to think they were bad, but they aren’t really bad. They have always been good kids. They just had to do a lot of bad things which makes them feel bad inside.

  • Tell them they may be under guard because nobody inside wants them to do any more harm to the body. Did they know that most every insider has been trying to stop them?

  • Harming the body used to be a good job because it kept everybody in line so they didn’t get hurt more or someone else didn’t get hurt. Right? Well – it’s not important anymore to keep them from getting hurt. Nobody in the abusing group is alive, is around, etc.

  • Right now you are the only one who is hurting the body. I’m sorry. Yes– you were lied to. I know you would never really want to hurt someone. That’s not your heart. You have a big heart. You want to do nice things for people.

  • Do you want a nice job, a different job? What would you like to do? What have you always wanted to do for people? Save them? Yes! Can you help us? We need you on our team to get free. We need to get messages to everyone inside who has your job to stop doing the harming now and learn about the new job!



  • These parts manage some of the programming, turn it on and off, and generally make it difficult to live, especially if you start to talk or disclose.

  • They have been heavily trained to believe that these jobs are important. They are responsible for pain.


Talking to the Punishers: Sample Dialogues


  • You must give them a tour of your current life now. It is not the same as before. You are a grown up now. You can handle things much better.

  • They don’t need to act like the abusers. Abusers punish. These parts have a choice. They’ve always had a choice. Care about them. Reward them for being nice to you and to others.

  • Ask around the system – do others really deserve punishment or was it the perpetrator’s idea.  Do you deserve this really bad job which makes you hated by everyone?  Very lonely job.

  • Do they want a different job? What about being nice when others do good things?




  • They record everything! They recorded everything in the unconscious mind, including when perpetrators abused parts and hid them deep in the set of systems.

  • They usually work for the abuser. But...


How to Dialogue with Recorders/Observers


  • Get to know this group. They may become your good friends, always monitoring what is really going on, giving you reports on things that are happening.

  • Teach them that working for the abusers hurts everyone inside.

  • Suggest a new job of recording what perpetrators do and teaching others inside to be safe.


Recorders/Observers: Sample Dialogue


  • They may become your good friends, always monitoring what is really going on, giving you reports on things that are happening.

  • They record everything! They recorded everything in the unconscious mind, including when perpetrators abused parts and hid them deep in the set of systems.

  • The usually work for the abuser. Teach them that working for the abusers hurts everyone inside.

  • Do you want a new job? How about reporting and observing everything that the perpetrators do? You could be teaching others inside how to navigate around the perpetrators to prevent abuse in the future. This would be an awesome new job! Think about it!


Gatekeeper/Switch Controllers


  • This group also worked for the abusers. Their job is to control information and switch parts in and out.


How to Dialogue with Gatekeepers/Switch Controllers


  • Learn who they are, be patient, kind, and understand why they would prefer to stay in their jobs – because of fear. These parts don’t know that they can now work to keep everyone safe from the abusers.

  • Try asking the leaders of various groups to teach these folks about how everyone is learning to prepare for freedom


Introjects – Copies of Perpetrators!


  • Introjects are just kids made to think they are perpetrators! They are tricked to think they are perpetrators.

  • Perpetrators are so vain that they install copies of themselves so that it will feel like the perpetrator never leaves the kids, always sees what they are doing.

  • They might have used masks, similar clothing of the perpetrator.

  • Then they are schooled to do the same thing as the perpetrator, abuse people inside and outside. Introject parts are usually troubled, feel hopeless and awful about themselves.

  • They are often in the control room areas are at the bottom of a set of levels in the hierarchy. They channel the power of abusers to control the entire system.

  • The perpetrators want to make it seem like their power is everywhere and the kids always feel it.


Introjects: Sample Dialogue


  • Use compassion.

  • Show them that they were tricked, made to look or act like the abuser. That was very mean! They aren’t like the abuser at all.

  • Suggest if they stop doing their job, the abuser(s) will have no power to control the system.

  • You will need to cut off the power sources that come from this set of altars. Ask the system where they are connected and cut them.

  • Do they want different jobs?

  • How about taking off their ugly suits and masks and being helpers instead? We need lots of helpers.


File Keepers


  • These parts hold all the memories:  when something was done, what was done, who did it, how it was done, and even how they were tricked.


How to Dialogue with File Keepers:


  • They should be helped to know that it will be time for the memories later after we remove the mind control. Then, when it’s time, they should learn how to dole out memories in careful ways.

  • Don’t float or overwhelm the ANP.

  • And don’t flood parts at odd times to maybe scare them. That’s not nice.


Returners/Call-back Parts


  • These parts are very trained to respond to any call back.

  • Once they respond, they make you go into a trance-like state and suddenly you are moving toward a door, toward a ritual, to whoever is outside, doing something that has been cued for you to do, without your knowledge or permission.


Call-back Cues


  • Beeps, tones, honks, phone sounds, unusual siren sounds. Hand signals.

  • People seemingly, innocently, bumping into you in public and saying things to you. Certain melodies.

  • Penetrating stares by people who come up to you, in stores, in private spaces.

  • Skinned trees, broken limbs, positioned to point to a meeting site. Pictures, images and greeting cards, videos, print materials, media, etc. Many other cues.


How to Work with Returners/Call-back Parts


  • Everyone inside needs to be given the task to help these returner/call-back parts learn how not to respond. Give them assignments. Ask them to divide and conquer, that is, the next time a cue is given.

  • Ask to have some of them stay back and just observe what is happening while others feel like they have no choice but to respond. Then have the meeting after the call back to discuss what happened.

  • Splitting the groups up like this can give everyone significant information about the call back cues.


Become Aware of the Cues That Returner/Call-back Parts Respond to


  • If a call-back cue comes up, even if you don’t respond to it, then:

  • Examine it, call attention to it, help your system to learn what that cue is. Intentionally work with a cue to desensitize yourself to it.

  • Work with your system to show them it’s not important anymore to do that command. You can choose differently.

  • You still have to stay safe. But safe doesn’t have to mean going back. Safe can mean: Stay away.

  • But you may need help to stay away if you dissociate with the cue.


It’s Everyone’s Job to Help the Returner/Call-back Parts


  • The returner/call-back parts will learn that they have choices and will be able to focus in more carefully on the cues so their response isn’t so automatic anymore.

  • Others should help them to stop their response. Everyone has choice.

  • Everyone needs to help each other.


Breathe! Remember! Survivors all over the world are talking now. The secrets are out! And survivors are not only surviving. They are thriving!

You need to get this message to your insiders, even those all the way back in the unconscious mind.


Conflicts Between Parts/Systems


  • As leaders learn about each other and the choices they have, encourage them to get some internal agreement, that together all of them can make a break for freedom.

  • Have them consider looking at the world from another part’s view. What they want someone else to shut them down, ignore them, punish them, hurt them, push them around or lock them away?

  • Parts think about safety all the time.

  • But mostly they are flash frozen in time and think life is still going on like when they were children.

  • Suggest that leaders have a meeting to discuss what is true, and what can be done to defeat the abusers and their programs.

Co-consciousness Between Parts and You


  • There are always a few parts who are co-conscious with you.

  • Co-conscious means you remain present while another part comes out also.

  • You can have the feeling that you drop behind and have little or no control, but you can observe and hear everything that’s going on.

  • Or you can have the feeling that the part is behind you listening and observing everything. In other words, you share space, with either you or the part being the dominant one.

  • Consider having a part share space with you on the same chair. What is actually happening?

  • There are always walls between parts. But some walls go up to the ceiling while others are only part way. The walls which are only part way up allow communication between you and them, or between some parts and other parts, but not with you.

  • You want to encourage co-consciousness between you and your parts, and between parts and other parts. This encourages them to communicate with each other and with you.

  • The more they communicate, the more the walls fall and the more you can listen and understand what is happening.

  • You heal because you feel more control and everyone has more input.


Result of Internal Walls Falling


  • When parts share more and more with each other, the walls start to fall between parts. As walls fall between the parts, less programming is in operation.

  • Programming was installed to keep the walls up, to keep the secrets hidden.

  • But the secrets are all about what the perpetrators are doing, why they don’t want to get caught and go to prison. Oh well!

  • The perpetrators relied on keeping the walls up for their own safety! Not yours! In other words, the more the walls fall, the less the mind control is in operation! Your mind gets more and more free!


Keys to Healing


  • Learning your system, becoming compassionate to the most unlovable ones of the bunch. Learning what everyone had to do to keep you alive.

  • Learning to love all of them no matter what they had to do, even really bad stuff. It wasn’t their fault. They didn’t think of those things to do. The abusers thought of those things! You were manipulated. Learn to band together inside to work together.

  • The perpetrators designed to so you would stay divided. But together you will conquer and win!


NOTE:  The Migration Model may be applied in the mid to later phase of this process to deal with the spiritual programming that is probably in place as well.  It is important to reach and help reporter/call-back parts turn from their ways but frequently these parts of buried deep within the entire system.  You will need to solicit help from many in the entire system to find them.  Reaching them will ensure that the person will stay safe and not report back to the cult what they are doing in therapy or elsewhere.  Suicidal and Punisher parts are also important to find and help them understand the programming they went through and how the body and all the children don’t want them to do these things.  By reaching all of these parts, internal safety and security has been achieved for the system.  At that point it is possible to apply the Migration Model and start moving all the parts to the ‘light’ side.

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