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The Migration Model

Developed by

Eileen Aveni, LMSW, LCSW, ACSW, BCD

This model is still in development. I outline the basics here and continue to hone the technique. If any therapists consider trying it, please contact me with your experience and results.

DISCLAIMER: This document is not intended to be diagnostic or therapeutic.

The Migration Model is a new way of dismantling mind control programming by helping the survivor’s internal personality parts move from the dark” side to the light” side. 

Programming Methods Used Today

The methods to program in recent years include scientific and technological approaches to organize and structure the survivor’s internal personality system.  Utilizing these more sophisticated methods enables the programmer to install more complex programs and thus control the survivor more effectively.  Some of the most effective programmers use spiritual methods as well, including occult practices, to secure the programs into place, depending on the individual abusing group, the leader’s beliefs, the trainers who may already be in the group, or the high-priced outside programmers that a group may hire to come in and do programming. ​

Typical Therapeutic Approaches

Typical therapeutic approaches in the mental health world do not address the spiritual nature of the programming.  Therapists, instead, focus on teaching the parts to recognize the programs that may have been planted in the survivor over years, and then learn to make choices to go a different way.  Therapists experienced in DID and mind control observe that there is a hierarchy of parts in a given internal personality system and typically they work their way up the system to finally get to the controllers of the system so they help take down the system.  Eventually a therapist will be able to help the survivor dismantle the structures where the parts were housed.  But this process is long and usually fraught with resistance in the client because certain mind control programs are sown in to resist attempts at removing programs or are designed to trigger the survivor.  ​

Another Element Needs to be Addressed

In my experience, there seems to be another element that is not being addressed – that of the spiritual programming. 

The survivor Svali reports that there seem to be demonic “attachments” placed with the programming to ensure that the programming stays in place. All of my ritual abuse clients over the years have reported the same thing. Svali says that skilled programmers know this is a more foolproof method of keeping the survivor attached to the group.  My clients who have gone through the Migration Model therapy, when initially considering the process, have said that there are demonic attachments” and that they seem to be fallen angels” or dark angels” which live on the dark” side.  They report seeing them inside their system.

How I Discovered the Process

I stumbled upon this method in 2012 when I randomly asked a client's personality parts what it looked like inside where they were living.  They immediately told me Oh, it’s very dark inside here, nasty.  You would never want to be here!”  I was curious and asked more.  It became clear that the parts did not want to be there, but felt stuck. I finally asked them if there was any light anywhere inside where they lived.  They acted forlorn and said that they had heard of the light somewhere, but had no idea where it was.  They also believed that they were too bad to deserve to go where there was light, even if they did find it. 

I decided to challenge them and asked if there was a way to find it somewhere.  Before I knew it, they were traveling around the system looking for light, but indeed it was scary for them to do this. They were clinging to each other as they tried to get through the darkness. Eventually the parts thought they saw some light but wanted to hang back out of fear.  One finally got up the courage to go up to a door and go through it.  Instantly that one started to squint from the light (my client visibly squinted in my therapy room) and said it was very beautiful inside, like they were looking at something.  It became obvious that the others outside were all ears, listening to the one who went inside the door.  The inside part seemed so struck with what was inside that lighted room!​

I asked if there was any darkness in there.  They momentarily stopped before they answered and finally said, No!" in an excited tone, and said that it seemed like all the darkness was on the outside.  They said they felt so much peace inside there that they never wanted to leave.  Suddenly another part wanted to go inside.  The first part wanted to go help them, but seemed to lurch backwards a little in the therapy room saying, Whoa! If I go out there I may get stuck there.”  So the first part waited until the second part made it inside the door.  Again, the second part squinted (and again my client visibly squinted her eyes). The two parts reported that they were looking around. They seemed to be excited at what it felt like inside that room.  Several more parts then went into that room.  They reported the same experiences and I saw the client squint each time parts reportedly looked around inside the room.


Later that day my client called me and reported that more parts had gone inside that room and that she felt remarkably better, with less conflict inside and more relief. 

Overview of the Process

​I combine the Migration Model with the typical approaches described above so that the parts learn to (a) recognize their programming and decide to go a different way, and (b) recognize the spiritual components of the programming and help to rid the system of the effects of that programming, as well.  This seems to ensure that the survivor is really free of the programming, since clients report that the programmers made sure that the programs were tied to the personality structure using demonic practices.

​Parts are taught to observe where they are in the system.  Parts seem to recognize that they are in dark spaces.  So they look for light in the system and figure out ways to move over to that light” space.  In my experience so far, every part that moves to that light” space realizes that the light space frees them from the hold of the programming.  They seem to know that these attachments can’t attach anymore if they remain on the light” side.  Essentially,  the demonic attachments” are left behind on the dark” side.  The clients remark that they never want to return to the dark” side again unless they want to return temporarily to help other parts come over to the light” side, as well. 

The survivor continues with this rescue process, moving parts over one by one or in groups.  The most interesting rescue operations” ensue!  I hear about parts rescuing other parts from precipices, or from dungeons where they have to scale down walls to get them. I hear of parts carrying other parts who are sick or almost dead, parts who call on angels to help carry other parts or escort them safely into the light” space.  Eventually they report that everyone is over there.  The wonder is that survivors consistently report that, once they are all rescued, the programming is completely gone.  Programming seems to have no hold in the light” space.

Once all parts migrate to the light” side, the dark system structure can be dismantled.  Dismantling the structures will help the memories come forward, so the parts must learn to hold onto the memories until everyone is ready to talk about them.  Parts seem more than willing to do this because they already feel so free and now want to help everyone else get free, as well.

Parts now also realize that they have the choice whether or not to tell the memories, even though the programmers threatened them into silence and created ways to ensure they would never tell.

Results of the Process Observed

As I have worked with the Migration Model with my own clients and consulted with others over a period of nine years as of this writing, I am observing that the results of this migration process seem to be permanent.  After using this method, clients and their internal systems report:

  • Being able to resist callbacks.

  • Feeling free from the programming.

  • Feeling sudden renewed energy.

  • Amazement at what the light” side looks like and a strong desire to stay there.

  • Having the ability to go back to the dark” side (if they choose or need to), but with what they describe as angelic” protection, to help the remaining system complete the process of moving toward freedom from the programming. If they mistakenly go back without angelic” protection, they say they instantly know it was a very bad idea and want to go back to the light” side as soon as possible.

  • Seeing more clearly the ploys of the abusers (if they are continuing to be accessed) and steer around them,

  • Being able to immediately take down internal structures in the same intensive session with me or soon thereafter on their own

  • Feeling a peace and a freedom they have never felt before.

Some clients report that if they have not completed the process of moving all parts to the light” side and dismantling the structures (or if, perhaps, parts have gone back to the dark” side without the good "angelic" forces accompanying them):

  • They are still vulnerable to being accessed.

  • But if they are accessed, they feel angelic” forces come around them to help them in extraordinary ways.


Some clients have reported that, if they are accessed, perpetrators and programmers become frustrated, and might even turn on each other and threaten one another because “the programming isn’t taking!”  One perpetrator reportedly said, “I’m outta here!” and has reportedly backed off from that client ever since.  

Life After Mind Control Removal

I have consistently observed that:

  • There is no pushback from the internal system.

  • Memory work can finally occur without interference.

  • Parts help each other to tell their stories, as they face their fears and break their silence.

  • After story-telling, some will naturally integrate, while others may stay separate.

  • Clients have to adjust to life without control from others.

  • Clients have the ability to think more clearly, without interference and time gaps.​

Survivors’ Accounts

Here are three survivors’ accounts of what it was like for them to go through the process:

Client #1

“I am a ___-year old S.R.A. survivor with complex D.I.D. I entered the community mental health system at the young age of __ and remained a client until I was ___ years old. I was medicated the entire time mostly against my own will. There were frequent hospitalizations and relapse was a normality in my life. I always knew that there had to be a reason why 34 years of mainstream therapy and treatment were not effective. I realized after starting this process of getting kids and parts into God’s kingdom [into the “light” side] that the missing component was the spiritual aspect that had never been addressed in my treatment before. The fact that I am writing today is living proof that addressing my core spiritual conflicts was the beginning of a life sustaining process. It has proven itself time and time again!

“Let me describe to you what my internal systems looked like before beginning this process. There was little to no light or color and no angels were in sight. There were kids and parts that were locked down and hiding, in tunnels, cages and the ceilings and walls to name a few. There were also kids that were on the brink of death and no nourishment or drink were within reach. There was a lot of chaos and mass confusion. Kids and parts were warring against each other so there was little to no peace or rest for any of the parts. This was a dark contrast as to what God and His angels would later reveal internally.

“As the angels began escorting parts and kids into God’s kingdom [the “light“ side] their eyes were opened to an unfamiliar place. They had never seen a place so full of light, life and angelic presence before! There was immediate breathing room and the ability for much needed rest for parts and kids that had not rested since their creation. Some kids had to be brought in on stretchers and over angels’ wings because they were too weak and sick to walk alone. Many needed hospital beds, wheel chairs and I.V.’s. This new place provided them with everything that they would ever need. Food, drink, care, compassion, companionship, love and total acceptance were freely given here.

“The kids and parts had finally gained the freedom to walk, run or to just be at total peace and rest, assured that their every want, need and desire would be fulfilled in their new found home, heaven. Some were a bit frightened upon their arrival because they had never seen a place like this before. But it didn’t take long for them to realize that they would never choose to go back to the darkness, terror, agony, pain, fighting and fear that they were formerly accustomed to. None of these things were present in the presence of angels and the new eternal life that they had gained back here!

“I began this process of moving kids and older parts out of the bleak darkness and into eternal light about the beginning of 2017. At that time, I was still in the Community Mental Health system spinning my wheels and heavily medicated. As of last month, I have gained a newly found sense of freedom from being completely out of the system and I no longer take even one prescribed medication from anyone in the mental health or medical field! Not only has the specific therapy helped me internally but externally, as well. Since so many parts inside have found peace, serenity, freedom and spiritual awareness, it would only make sense that I would find those same virtues in my own personal life, plus many more. It has definitely taken a lot of perseverance and commitment and will continue to take more until not one part is left behind to suffer.

“It can be an internal struggle, at times, but it has proved itself to be a life changing process for all of us involved. The battle may not yet be over but I can rest assured that healing, triumph over my enemies and darkness, and ultimate victory are all well within my reach! What greater hope could there be for a survivor?

I hope that I have been able to answer that question for you, to some degree, in my own way. Thanks for allowing me a little of your time to just share a small piece of my heart and spirit with you. My blessings to all of you.

Sincerely, A.”

Client #2

“Migration, moving from one place to another. All of the mini-me’s as we call ourselves used to be stuck in some pretty ugly places, trapped if you will. Somewhere fairly young I applied Grandma’s Secret Garden book and her love of God and all that she taught me and kept teaching me, to my internal maze and trappings that I was being brainwashed and then controlled by my dah and the alphabet lady and some others. She taught me all things were possible in God so we started planting our trees close together so that all of their roots were drinking water from the river of life.

“Then we, over lots of time, learned to apply my dah’s biology of trees theories and started moving little ones one by one and then a few at a time into the trees where they could move freely through the trees and mingle with one another and visit the Shepherd in the Healing Cave for warmth and protection and love and teachings. Then they would go back in the trees and others would go to the cave. The hardest part was learning how to move from the safety of the living water and cave back to where they were supposed to be when summoned by dah or others. It was horrible but we got smarter. As long as we kept rotating we stayed nourished and didn’t succumb to the darkness in full.

“The problem was until we met you we didn’t know how to migrate out permanently without experiencing terror. Since our last visit the five babies and two toddlers are making progress but it isn’t easy. And Bebe has discovered how to keep the vault door open with our help so that all remaining internally can hear The Word of God and the messages of hope from mama and aunt MP and us. This is new and very exciting because we are not hearing the screaming children inside. Sometimes laughter, sleeping sounds, and some crying but we are able to comfort them. It is a great new development.”

Client #3

I interviewed another one of my clients about the process and she said the following:

Client: “The perpetrators seek to destroy that part of us that is our core being, long before we have a chance to choose light or God. I may have my soul, but the mind, my intellect at age 3, is hardly developed, and certainly not informed.  So to have that manipulated at that age, when that manipulation is extracted and taken away, then I am able to decide now at this point – Do I want the darkness or do I want the light?  Because before that I am not free, because there’s an external control on me and that’s not freedom. 

“Now to take away the external control, then put the choices before them and let them choose, I venture to say 10 times out of 10 just the normal soul growing up in a healthy environment would choose light because we’re naturally drawn to what’s good for us or more than that – take morality out of it – just what feels better.  Nobody wants to choose what’s bad. People default to it because they’re hurt and they’re in pain and you don’t know any other way – it’s a coping skill.

“For me, I had moments of that – each time we did it [used the Migration Model], those parts would feel – well – it was pretty dramatic.  I mean I did write like you told me to, like when the angels came in and kind of dispelled the darkness.  Cuz I’m not an imaginative person, really.  I don’t have this creative imagination.  But I could see in my mind what these things look like. I know what they look like, I don’t think I’m imagining.  Even the pressure of their roles to some degree is taken off (when some start going to the light).  I have the little voice in the back of my head – REALLY – ARE YOU SURE THIS IS REAL?  But it’s not like before – where it was like you’re totally making this up.  You’re totally crazy – she’s crazy. You’re crazy.”

Eileen: “Yeah – when you’re a therapist dealing with this in the other approach – there’s a ton of pushback –  you’re constantly dealing with it, trying to get to the right people, trying to talk leaders down, trying to find certain parts who may be sabotaging everything they do.  I mean you just have to be constantly working with the entire system to be aware of many parts and what their roles are, recognizing that some may be hidden but that they’re affecting the system.”

Client: “That’s complex.  No wonder people don’t want to work with DID cuz it’s really complex and almost exhausting.  It’s like – an air traffic controller!“

Eileen: “Yep!”

Client: “Exactly. I mean you’ve got all these balls in the air.  I mean – I feel that way in my own self sometimes.”

(both laughing)

Eileen: “But it’s much more efficient to get to the leaders, I mean we still have to get to the leaders – that’s what Alison Miller and I both teach and they’re the ones who are hurt the most. They’re the ones who were influenced to do certain things to maneuver the entire system and they know also where everyone else might be located.  At least the top leaders know a lot more.”

Client: “That makes sense cuz V knew where L was.”

Eileen: “Very useful how you described this – the soul, body and spirit, and the natural attraction to the light speaks to every human.”

Client: ”Right. It’s doesn’t matter what they want to call it.  And so if they [therapists] can teach just moving people from the dark experience – I mean – do you want to make a choice to come to the light?

“And when you have that external pressure of the demonic – you can’t think.  I think that’s what I’ve been feeling because of the fact that there’s still kids there....I think I can actually feel the difference between when that’s present and when that’s not.”

Eileen: “When what’s present?”

Client: “The Darkness.  I can actually see.  Those parts are chained there.  They’ve been put there.  They’ve been chained there.  They’ve been instructed, been given a job, a task….but then let’s just move this group of kids in [to the Light]. And it was really freedom – [she breathed a sigh] – to just be out of the yuck.

“Like finding L [a little girl part inside]– that tiny little spark – like that agenda was like – trying to kill the life of my soul [with trying to kill that little girl part]….And H [another part] in another corner, penned up.  It’s like sexual abuse on steroids. It’s so much more traumatic.  Like an antibiotic resistant disease. No matter what you’re doing, it’s not enough.

“It has to come from the body’s own immunity within.  All these different things [therapy methods] are trying to be tried but it’s just not enough because it’s not just sexual abuse.  It’s not just physical, not just emotional, not just verbal.  There’s another component that compounds it and adds gasoline to the fire and you can’t use water on a gasoline fire.  Another method has to be utilized….

“I never put words to it.  I sometimes pinch myself that this is my story [tearful] because it’s so hidden and sooo dark.”

Model Still Being Tested

​This model is still being tested with survivors.  But so far, every survivor who has gone through the process reports remarkable freedom from the mind control programming.  The process takes about three or more long sessions.  I have accomplished the process in five- to six-hour sessions over several days or intermittently where the client comes (sometimes at a distance for a consult with their therapist or support person) for two or three separate long sessions over several months as they can manage the travel with their schedules.  A client must travel with their support person or their therapist.  In between sessions, we have communication with their home therapist, the client and support person by email or a video consult.  But the client has to be ready.  Preliminary work must be done first to teach all of parts that going a different way is important. Moving parts to another place, away from the dark” side and into the light, requires that parts make that decision.  It requires a final choice. 

A few other therapists have also tried the Migration Model and report the same results. I welcome additional therapists trying it with their clients.  I would greatly appreciate it if you would let me know your results.

NOTE: I am available for consulting.  Please consider it and let me know.  Thanks!

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