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Your Life Belongs to You.

Take It Back.

Hello! Welcome to!

My name is Eileen Aveni and I’d like to welcome you to RA-Free, a website about ritual abuse, mind control, and organized abuse. 

I have been a therapist for over 40 years and have been working with ritual abuse, mind control and organized abuse clients for over 30 years. I am not a survivor. In fact, I came from a good family.

To those of you who are survivors, I have been humbled to know some of you.  You are without a doubt some of the bravest, kindest, and strongest people I have ever known. My life has been changed for the better by knowing you.  I have learned what it means to give thanks in all circumstances, to love one another despite how you were treated, to have patience in all things, and so much more.  I am certain that I have learned much more from you than I ever could've taught you. I have grieved deeply at hearing your stories and I have cheered you on as you heal and get freer with time. 

Thank you for trusting me.  I know it took much time.  I hope I have proved worthy of your trust. 

This website is the beginning of giving back to all of you.  So many of you have no idea where to go to get help.  I get that.  I want to help many more of you by giving you resources, education, and to advocate for you.  All of you can heal.  But you need the right kinds of help.  

So this site is still UNDER CONTRUCTION. More information will be coming soon!

Meanwhile, be sure to check out the sections called:  Articles, Migration Model, and Resources pages.  The section titled Migration Model is a model that I developed to dismantle mind control.  Please look at that carefully.  If any of you have feedback, I welcome it since it is still under development.  Thanks for any input you may have. 

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